Presented are links to sites I have found interesting:

QiGong Related

Yahoo Medical QiGong Discussion Group

Michael Garofalo's Lots of research documented. Great Job.

YouTube Videos:

Feng Zhiqiang: Taiji Ruler Qigong  Taiji Ruler Qigong#2  Both are Great for Massage Therapists.

Duan Zhi-Liang: Wuji Qigong Amazing in his 90's, now over 103!

Six Healing Sounds

Martial Arts Related

Jarek's Chinese Martial Arts Pages

YouTube Videos:

Chen XiaoWang: Chen XiaoWang: doing fajin!  Chen XiaoWang: doing his own 19 part form.

Chen Zhenglei:  Mixed Form 
Demo & Interview (Chinese) 

Feng Zhiqiang: Pao Chui 

O'Sensei Ueshiba: At 69 and again.
                                    At 78!

And now ME! Rooting Demo.

Other Health Links:

Doctor Yourself.

Maritime Injury Center: Info on Jones Act.

Mesothelioma Links:

A volunteer run, not lawyer owned Mesothelioma site

Veteran's Mesothelioma information:

Treat Mesothelioma Links:

Dr. Jay S. Cohen's MedicationSence

Check your supplements at

Check your medications at

Other Videos:

The Spiritually Aware Entrepreneur.

Affiliate Links:

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