Yu Li Qigong (Jade Power Qigong) is the result of over 30 years of study
into a number of Qigong styles and systems and a number of western exercise and health improvement systems.

Qigong is a Chinese health improvement system, with roots going back about 7000 years. There are various ways to classify the many Qigong systems, I use medical, martial and mystical. It is one of the components of Chinese Medicine, along with Acupuncture, Chinese Pharmacology, Moxibustion, Cupping and medical diets.

After the Chinese revolution, the Chinese government codified many of the ancient Chinese healing systems into what is now known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Many of the old systems were not included. The totality of the Chinese healing systems can be known as Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM).

This site is for those who want to learn more about Qigong in general and Yu Li (Jade Power) Qigong in particular. The author has a western scientific background and presents information that can be substantiated. There is no new-age flakiness. Remember, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs.

On the Guo Lin's Qigong page is shown the Guo family Qigong that Guo Lin used in her own cancer treatment, and in treating others. If you or anyone you know has cancer, you may want to add this to your current treatment(s), with the permission of your primary medical care professional.

One thing about Qigong is that you don't have to be super flexible:

Some of the movements can be like dancing:

Some are done on the ground and may look like Yoga: 

There are hundreds of Qigong styles and systems, these are names of just a few: Yu Li (Jade Power), Dayan (literally big goose, but known as Wild Goose), Chi Lel, Shaolin (should be spelled Xiaolin), Pang Gu Shen gong, Gou family, Zhou family, Wu family, Ermei, Wudan, Soaring Crane, White Crane, various Taiji Qigong, Hunyuan, Step Back Qigong, Wuji Qigong, Spring Forest, Zhong Yuan, Yan Xin, Shibashi, Yi Ren, Zhineng and many more.

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   Before doing any of the Qigongs on this web site or any linked web site, please check with your health care professional and read the disclaimer below. Thank you.


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    The author does not make any claims or promises as to the effectiveness of the exercises or Qigong described on yuliqigong.com relative to your state of health, age, or physical condition. This website gives no medical advice or recommendations, but does point to traditional and modern medical research that supports the considered judgment that the practice of reasonable exercise and fitness methods can help many people achieve good health, improved strength and flexibility, well being and vitality.
    Some of the methods and practices presented and discussed may be too physically or mentally demanding for some people. Readers need to use their own discretion and good judgment before engaging in the exercises or training programs discussed herein. When in doubt, please consult with your personal physician or health care professional for their advice as to your readiness for any exercise and/or fitness program.
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    Exercises that boost energy and make some people feel good, might not be right for you. You practice at your own risk.

    Every exercise program carries some type of risk. On the other hand, not doing any exercise or fitness activities carries a far greater risk for your loosing your good physical and mental health, well being, vitality and happiness.