Starting Oct. 7, 2017 
Qigong for Longevity and Stress Management.
at The Church for Perpetual Life 
1855 McKinley St, Hollywood, FL 33021
Class starts at 1:20PM every Saturday. 
First class is free. Free parking. Lessons will include Ba Duan Jin (8 Section Brocade) and the 6 Healing sounds associated with this Qigong. The 9 Dragon Qigong, from the Zhou Family Qigong system, Wuji Qigong from Bagua Zhang, practiced by the longest lived martial arts masters in China. Zhan Zhuang (Post standing), Proper stances and Qigong breathing, Peng, Peng Jin, Chan Si jin from Chen Taijiquan and Bagua Zhang. Qigong Guided meditations, Microcosmic orbit, Qigong self acupressure. These classes are excellent for stress management and the complementary treatment of PTS. Veterans & First Responders welcome.

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