Qigong is the coordinated use of breathing methods, breath control, stances, movements,     acupressure, self-massage, visualizations and guided meditations to achieve specific goals: increasing the quantity and quality of Qi in one’s body, facilitating the easy flow of Qi in one’s body, for the purpose of increasing health, strength, longevity, boosting one’s immune system and making oneself a better person.

    There are three main types of Qigong, Martial, Medical and Mystical (also known as esoteric or religious). They all share many of each of the elements described above. The main difference is the primary direction and goal of the practice. Martial Qigong’s goal is to make one a better martial arts practitioner, Medical primarily is concerned with health, and Mystical concentrates on what can be called awakening the spirit.

A carving of a smiling Buddha doing Qigong.